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Thomas Dézsy Electronic is perhaps too small a word for Dézsy's approach to sound, which is inspired by recording (for example, of melodious speech) and his experience of the many musical tongues of theatre. An eclecticist, yes, but one who has found his own voice.

Elisabeth Schimana Just Do It - that is Elisbeth Schimana's motto and she plunged into the high IQ world of electronic music withou timidity. Particularlily in her work for Kunstradio, Austria's global radio art program, she brings sensitivity and emotional warmth to this sometimes all too cerebral art form.

Martin Siewert Siewert is a guitarist who has absorbed the languages of jazz and rock and he carries these off to new regions where his European background transform them into something quite unfamiliar. Known for his trademark radiant guitars oiled up with analogue synths, he is a musician with presence on stage and in person.
Electronic Music