Welcome to aAmplify, Austria's web studio for new art music.

This website demonstrates Vienna's commitment to the third millenium's
non-commercial music and developments in streaming media.

aAmplify is not a hypertext brochure or catalogue, but a living website. It combines an active, non-virtual recording studio with photo, video and web facilities. Visitors to the site can access music, and texts and material about the music, almost as it is created. At the centre of aAmplify's activites are its composers' projects.

They are not presented here in the usual manner with biography and list of works. Instead, each composer is represented by one or more recorded works, many of the recordings having been produced specially for aAmplify. Surrounding the work are other elements which enrich the visitor's understanding of the artists and their worlds.

aAmplify, a 100% copyright clean site, is sponsored by the Cultural Office of the City of Vienna.