About Ocarinas  
The ocarina is a small clay flute, and is the musical symbol of the aAmplify website. Essentially a folk instrument, its choice as the mascot of an art music website may seem unfitting. That choice, though, has been inspired by György Ligeti, one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century and beyond, who has used sets of ocarinas in his late works the Piano Concerto and the Violin Concerto. Ligeti was exploring their microtonal possibilities, in one of his many departures from conventional intonation.

Some historians date the ocarina back 12,000 years to China. It certainly appeared in South American civilisation 7,000 years ago. Today some of the best ocarinas, ranging from soprano to bass, are manufactured in Italy by Arrido Mignani of Budrio.

Our ocarina signation has been played by a professional flautist (c.g.) and was given the royal treatment by our resident sound engineer. Enjoy!

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