Equipment list (Audio)


Amek 9098 Class A Preamplifiers and EQs
by Rupert Neve

Lydkraft Tube Tech valve compressor CL1B

Aphex Dominator II, Multiband Peak Limiter 720

Symetrix Quad Expander Gate 564e

BSS DPR 402 Stereo Compressor
Peak Limiter De-Esser

DBX 160 Mono Compressor/Limiter

Chilton CM2 Broadcast mixing console,
to a design by Paul Reps for the BBC London

Yamaha ProMix 01V Submixer

Mackie keyboard mixer 16 Channel CR1604

Korg DTR1 19" digital tuner

Ultracurve Realtime Analyser

Edison phase correlation meter

Patchbay balanced, Neutrik plugs, Gotham cable


Neumann TLM 170 studio microphones

AKG C456 microphones 2 units

Shure C456

Complete range of Neumann mikes
courtesy of Ton Eichinger, Vienna

Effect processors

Eventide Model H3000 D/SE UltraHarmonizer

Lexicon Nuverb reverb with stereo imaging,
functionally identical with Lexicon 300

Lexicon PCM81 AES/EBU multi effect processor

Yamaha SPX 990 multi effect processor

Yamaha REV7 digital reverberator

Yamaha SPX90 12 bit digital effect processor

Sony DPS-R7 reverberator

DBX 120 XP subharmonic Synthesiser

Behringer Ultrafex Denoiser

Recording, Digital Editing

Pro Tools 4 TDM, 888 Interface,
DSP cards and Software

Digidesign Adat Bridge

Power Mac with twin SCSI
controller, Miro 21" monitor

Yamaha CD writer, Jaz Drive, Jaz Catridges

Apple G4 450 dual, running
Logic Platinum

Belinea monitor, Yamaha Firewire
CD writer

Nuendo 24/96 card with RME
ADI-8 DS 24/96 convertors

Waves Plug-Ins, EX24,
Steinberg Recycle etc.


ADAT Multitrack recorders
3 units

ADAT BRC Remote Controller

MIDI and Sounddesign Hard- und Software

Unitor 8, Amt interfaces

MOTU Midi Time Piece, 2 units

AKAI S5000 Stereo Digital Sampler
256MB RAM, 40x CD Rom drive

Emu E64 sampler with 64 Mbyte RAM

Microwave XT Synthesiser

Microwave Pulse Synthesiser

Korg TR Rack Synthesiser

Nord Modular Synthesiser
plus Pentium MMX166 and NEC monitor

Roland Synthesiser JD990

Korg Prophecy

Korg Wavestation EX

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS

Yamaha Clavinova

Akai S900 Sampler

Roland JV880

Yamaha TG500

250 sound and sample CD-Roms


Sony F707ES amp

Yamaha P2250 amp

Yamaha NS10 loudspeakers

Alesis Monitor 2 Studio Reference Monitors

Fostex 6301B loudspeakers


Tascam DA30 Dat Recorder

Sony cassette deck

Philips CD player,digital output

AIWA portable DAT

Tascam 44 reel-to-reel
calibrated to Ampex Gold

4 Sony PCM AD-Convertors plus Betamax video machines
"historical" digital multitrack


Entire cabling in the studio balanced
(except MIDI/consumer equipment)
sole materials used were Neutrik plugs and Gotham studio cable